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A leading Innovator in emerging technologies

Rosebay Group is an incubation company focusing on cutting edge technology and R&D.

Tech Incubation at Rosebay

Rosebay is a technology incubation company setup in 2014. With a strong focus on R&D, Rosebay invests in cutting edge technologies to deliver high value products and business which help solve some of the world's most intractible problems.

Rosebay AI and Big Data

Learn how Big Data and AI can help Logistics companies, Banks, Financial institutions and retails increase business, lower risks and optimize operations.

Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology

Learn how our Blockchain systems help solve some of the most intractible problems in Marketing, Finance and Food Security.

Thought Leaders at Rosebay

Anisha Baidya

AI Lead

Aashish Adhikary

Vice President (Products)

Adarsh Ghimire

Analytics Specialist

Meera Tiwari

Business Manager (Blockchain)

Aaja Baruwal

Sales Manager(Mekong region)

Feliciana Elite

BI Specialist

Gopal Ojha

Blockchain Lead

Mahesh Maharjan

Enterprise Developer

Apar Adhikary

Blockchain R&D Engineer

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