Sigmund AI Marketing

Sigmund is an AI marketing automation tool that permits you to use AI-powered services without the need for data scientists and data engineers. Your Marketing should not depend on the quality of your data scientists thus, Sigmund allows you to run the marketing campaigns seamlessly with minimal technical support. Make your marketing objective without bias and avoid the hassle of finding and employing data scientists and data engineers. Sigmund provides an intuitive user interface that assists the execution of  AI-driven marketing campaigns with the clickable interface.

6 easy steps to get the JOB DONE!


Robust Plug & Play with Minimal Configuration

Sigmund lets you build visual campaigns that enable the fast translation of business requirements into technical requirements. You can build multiple campaigns in a matter of minutes, and with minimal technical support. Enable easy translation of business requirements to technical requirements.


Minimal Dependency on Technical Infrastructure

Sigmund allows marketing staff to manage all the checkpoints throughout the system independently. It supports cloud-based service set up further reducing any heavy investment on technical setup.  Further supports easy integration with any leading open source system such as Cloudera, Hortonworks.

Advanced Analytics Powered by AI

Sigmund guides you to understand your customer with advanced analytics powered by AI. You will get more engagements over campaigns with prescriptive customer analytics and insights. Delivers a personalized customer journey turning them to a repetitive customer.


How It Works

Sigmund for your business

Focused on your RoI and for Retail Finance

Sigmund is dedicated specifically to cater to the needs of marketing for financial institutions. Optimized workflow made for the Retail Finance marketing department. Evidenced by some of our successful projects with Fortune 500 companies, banks & financial institutions in Southeast Asia


Focused on Hyper-Personalized Marketing

Sigmund assists the Marketing department to manage checkpoints throughout the system and provide hyper-personalized marketing via cross-selling and up-selling. You will be able to drive engagement with prescriptive customer analytics and insights and deliver personalized customer journeys across channels.

Pay for Results you want

Sigmund makes you pay only for the right features with Tangible Results. No huge Hardware Investment required. You will be able to monitor the performance and tune-in the Strategies/Parameters as required for the great Return on Investments. View RoI and effectiveness of marketing campaigns in near real-time.


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