Rosebay gets press coverage for its blockchain and AI innovations

Rosebay attended the Cyber Secure, FinTech summit and DatagovAI events between 6th and 8th Nov 2019.  Rosebay’s AI and blockchain capabilities were well received and reported throughout Indonesian media.  Media outlets including CNN Indonesia, Investor daily, Republika sought the opinion of Rosebay on AI and data governance given Rosebay’s emerging track record in working with Indonesian government in data driven transformation and it’s received award for the Most Innovative AI Software for the Financial Industry 2019.

Rosebay blockchain solutions can be used by Governments, in Finance, Healthcare and Media to assist in data privacy protection, ensure data integrity and information auditability.

Rosebay Chairman, Rohit Kumar receives the 2018 Data Governance Innovation award from Dr. Ir. Jumain Appe M.Si, the Director General of Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of Indonesia.

Republika, one of the largest print publications in Indonesia with a daily circulation in excess of 300,000.  Innovation for financial companies was of particular interest to Republika as banks and financial institutions are rapidly employing AI and Big Data techniques to improve revenue, cut costs as well as  manage risk.

Republika was particularly interested in two of Rosebay technologies that can bring large benefits in Retail Finance.

  1. Blockchainify, a Rosebay product that helps companies enforce data governance requirements and helps in auditability, tracking and tracing of data and dematerialized assets
  2. AI services including fraud detection of Rosebay which have helped Financial companies reduce risk and costs while improving revenue

Republika noted that the Blockainify product as well as AI services have the potential to help Indonesian Finance companies a lot to keep their costs down.

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