Rosebay awarded Best Enterprise Big Data and AI Consulting at AI Data Governance Awards 2020

Rosebay is honored and humbled for recognition of its achievement in Enterprise Big Data and Artificial Intelligence consulting.  Jakarta, 24th Nov 2020, the AI Data governance award, one of the most prestigious awards organized by Association of Big Data Indonesia presented Rosebay with the award for “Best Enterprise BigData and AI Consulting”.  The award was received by Mr. Rohit Kumar (Executive Chairman and Chief Research Officer of Rosebay) and Mr. Erfan Khandaker (Managing Director of Rosebay).

Rosebay’s achievements in Big Data and AI

Rosebay has completed two major AI and Big Data projects in the past year in Indonesia, with it spearheading the data driven transformation of Post Office Indonesia where it achieved over 60% savings in last mile services via introduction of cutting edge AI driven vehicle routing service.  In addition, Rosebay has also been awarded the Big Data consulting and setup for Indonesian National Construction Agency (LPJK) bringing in over 90% efficiency improvements in some reporting sectors.  

Singled out by customers for the award given to Rosebay was its unique agile analytics rollout which aims to bring concrete financial benefits to customers in weeks instead of years.  In his interview given to CNN Indonesia on the eve of the award ceremony, Mr. Rohit Kumar, the Executive Chairman explained


  • First, the IT department must be able to communicate the impact of the adoption of new technologies such as big data and AI on business to C-level management in companies,
  • Second, start with small projects that can give positive results, before finally making big changes to the company. 
  • Third the technology adoption should be carried out in stages accompanied by detailed KPIs and review as part of the process.

Avoid the concept of single Enterprise transformations. Most IT / consulting companies prefer you to make a series of large IT investments in Big Data/AI because they will be paid more. We do not recommend this approach. 

Source CNN Indonesia 


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