Reward & Loyalty System

Loyalty programs are an important tool to drive business sales and visibility. It helps to attract new customers as well as, can be used as a powerful customer retention tool. Rosebay Loyalty System,  ‘Infiniti Points’ is the most comprehensive customer retention and engagement software that allows you to create and manage effective campaigns, set-up referral programs and increase repeat business through a customised loyalty program.

Infiniti Points enhances the value of entire customer relationship providing a seamless experience of relevant rewards with engaging journey. 

It allows companies to build a personalised relationship whereby customers who further perceive a higher value of return. With Infiniti Points you can start building a relationship with your customer based on trust, loyalty and benefits.


Customer Tiering 

Loyalty System provides the flexibility to customize the level of rewards offered based on different segments of loyal customers. Categorize customers into tiers (eg:Gold, Silver, Bronze) based on their activities. Raise the competitive spirit in customers by attaching higher-value rewards & benefits to the top tiers.

Referral program

Customers can invite/share points with their friends in the system.  It will help in promoting existing business by allowing existing customers to bring new customer. Let your advocates store up value to earn better rewards with each additional referral. Customer can choose from a variety of sharing options, including Facebook Messenger and our ESP integrations.

Purchase and Redemption

Customers can redeem via QR code at  shops, restaurants, and other merchants. It enables instant  real time redemption during purchases. Drive traffic to your program using easy referral option where by you can leverage your loyal customer to acquire new ones. Motivate customer to reach loyalty tiers with enjoyable journey.

Relevant Rewards

Customers can earn reward points that carries an attainable value and can be used in multiple channels. The reward can be redeemed in the form of discounts, vouchers or cashback. Infiniti Points with its customisable reward system helps boost repeat purchase rates and average order value


System offers a section where promotions can be displayed for discounts, offers, new product of partner companies and banks. Location-based promotions and offers can be implemented  for the customers ensuring the reach of the right campaign to right audience.

Personalized Experience

Infiniti Points deliver personalised experience where customers can take actions from purchasing, referring to connecting through social media. On-site promotion is available with Infiniti Points. A separate section for banner, promotions can be used to better engage and inform the customer.

How It Works

Why Infiniti Points

Multiple choice to use reward points

  • Infiniti Points allows for interchangeability of points within a network.
  • Partner with another company to provide all-inclusive offers.
  • Partners, brands, merchants within your network can participate to offer exciting discounts, redemption options to your  customer base.
  • Infiniti Points offers Frictionless merchant onboarding and low cost roll-out offering.


Tiered based Rewarding

  • Deploy a tiered structure based on points, spend, purchases, or referrals with Infiniti Points
  • Apply different reward mechanisms per tier, including fixed benefits, behavioral triggers and surprise & delight benefits. 
  • Motivate your customers to climb your loyalty ladder
  • Instead of just collecting loyalty points indefinitely, members receive a status which makes them stand out and feel more acknowledged and invested

Inbuilt Virtual Loyalty Card

  • Reward Points shall be visible on Virtual Loyalty Card in customer’s mobile application.
  • This Virtual Loyalty Card has Barcode & QR Code, that can be scanned by Merchants / Retailers to process the transaction.
  • Infiniti Points also makes it easier for customers to process transactions quickly through the use of QR and Barcode.



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