Delivery map allows you to provide a concrete framework in the entire process of delivery ensuring reduced cost and process optimization. Rosebay Delivery map provides a different portal for operators, drivers, and customers to ensure proper communication and timely delivery.


Assisting Driver’s Delivery

  • Mobile App for drivers
  • Web application for operators
  • Delivery status check webpage for customer

Dynamic Rescheduling

  • Operator can re-schedule deliveries at click of button
  • Delivery is rescheduled and routes updated in real-time

Efficient Delivery

  • Cuts delivery times by up to 60%
  • Saves fuel by up to 40%


How It Works

Why Infiniti Points

Rosebay has developed and had a  proven use case with state-based postal service organization that it can cut last mile costs by over 30%

The key objective of the project was to create of a nationwide end-to-end distributed logistics platform that can disrupt the current market as well as bring in revenue. 

Rosebay was able to provide real time route planning to reduce costs of postal delivery and pickup. Advanced algorithm to route a single/multi-vehicle given a list of addresses to cut the travel distance and time significantly.


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