Revolving Credit Copy

Rosebay’s revolving credit system permits banks and Financial institutions to offer revolving credit services to customers directly as well as via major credit card networks such as Mastercard and Visa.

  • Offer virtual revolving credit services
  • Seamlessly integrate your Mastercard and Visa cards 
  • Ensure adequate reach to your customers via apps to your customers fingertips
  • Offers overdraft-style pot of funds for growing businesses


Complete Life Cycle Management

Automate your loan application process across multiple channels to make informed decisions about issuing or disapproving the credit at different stage itself.


Enhance all your procedures to manage multiple stages of a credit cycle after issuing a credit, resulting into higher productivity, lower overhead costs, and swift processes

Lending Analytics & Reporting

Instantly generate accurate data-driven reports to get insights on the key performing and non-performing areas of your business.



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