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Hortonworks permits you to leverage the power of Big Data and run AI powered systems seamlessly at a fraction of the cost and time.  A proven system that is open source and flexible with an entire eco-system of technologies to support your business and technical needs.


Rapid Go-to-market

The proven technology stack embedded in Hortonworks means you can enable analytics in your organization at a fraction of the cost and time.

Predictive analytics to support your business workflows

Get the tools and the capability to incorporate predictive analytics and AI in your business workflows.

Blindingly fast AI 

Hortonworks is one of the most widely used frameworks for Big Data and analytics.  Its distributed compute capability via Apache Spark and MapReduce reduces execution time by a magnitude.

How It Works

Case Studies

Reducing credit delinquency and NPL using Analytics

Find out how some of the largest finance companies in the world, including Fortune Global 500 companies are increasing profitability and reducsing risk using Big Data and AI.  Contact us to  find out more.

Slash logistics costs

Rosebay has helped one of the largest logistics operators in Southeast Asia to reduce intra-city logistics costs by over 30% using AI based analytics.  Find out how we introduced real-time vehicle routing systems to achieve massive fuel and time savings.

Introduce modern dynamic fees and rates

Reduce risks and improve profitability by obtaining hyper-personalizing risk metrics in real-time.  Contact us to understand how modern banks and financial institutions use AI.

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