Business Intelligence and Data warehousing

Derive business value via insights and by properly communicating analytics to your stakeholders.  Rosebay has worked with Business intelligence (BI)  technologies such as Tableau and Power BI using leading database technologies (Microsoft SQL Server, HIVE, PostgreSQL) to deliver high impact business intelligence. 


Get business insights 

Harness the power of data to discover insights into how your business is performing.

Understand your customers and business

Use data driven techniques to understand how your customers think and how your business is performing.

Make evidence driven decisions

Data driven insights give you the power to objectively make business decisions with greater certainty and reduce risks.  Make decisions based on real evidence.

How It Works

Risk and compliance reports for banks and financial institutions

Understand risk exposure and compliance via detailed, automated reports.

Insights on operational bottlenecks

Rapidly identify bottlenecks in your operations and business flow

Verify assumptions 

Concerned if your assumptions are right?  Verify and valdiate your assumptions by comparing them with actual data.

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