Workshop & Training

Given the emergence of technology and it’s vast applications, Rosebay provides a customized workshop and training for companies planning to enter in the race of becoming competitive with innovations. Such workshops will help;

  1. To demonstrate the power and usefulness of data driven insights in business decision making via a few simple use cases that we can complete in a week of time.  
  2. To understand the current state of data driven insight at your organisation.
  3. To understand what kind of possibilities exist for your organisation  given its data set.
  4. To implement Big Data Analytics, Business Strategies and AI on your  data set.
  5. To understand the potential and background of IT & DT Staff  that attend the Workshop.


Understand where you are 

Rosebay experts help you understand your data sources and the opportunities beneath them.

Start data driven journey

Get the roadmap however start with few use cases and see the possibilities that your data can bring.

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