Cultivation Management

Rosebay provides agricultural, commodity and wealth creation services using Big Data, Analytics and blockchain technologies. Our vision is to use technology to help increase access to finance for communities, increase their returns on assets as well as assist in wealth creation for everybody.

ROSEBAYHARVEST smart agriculture suite provides a complete end-to-end system from sensors that measure data all the way to automated in-field actions.


ROSEBAYHARVEST Cloud gives complete capability for agricultural companies to build and sustain an agricultural brand built on a consistent quality system,

  • Register/onboard farmers and farms.
  • A single system to collate diverse information:  Field preparation, planting, crop monitoring, production/harvest 
  • Ensure quality and consistency of your produces
  • Manage your workforce activity and ensure critical tasks are never left un-done
  • Improve productivity and quality output from your farms
  • Predict yield and output

How It Works

System Overview

Get an instant view of your farm

Map provides a complete view of the area of farm/cultivation areas along with devices.  User has the ability to drill down and check the individual status of each device.  

Get readings in real-time.

View real-time data and understand the status of your farm.  Color coded map gives an intuitive view of areas in your farm that may need attention.

Configure alerts and notifications

Never miss an important event.  Set alerts to get automatic notifications in event that readings cross a pre-defined threshold.

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