Infinity Pay

Infinity Pay is a complete end-to-end platform catering to a large spectrum of users from finance, bank and fintech companies giving them competitive edge.

Infinity Rewards

Infinity Rewards Management system is a state of art reward and point management system that permits a multi tenant system and interface to ensure long term competitive advantage

Infinity Gateway

Infinity Gateway is a central interface connecting financial systems with transactional systems.

Azera Shariah Finance

Azera is a peer to peer lending application which aims at bridging the gap between banks offerings and market demands.

Infinity EDC + TMS

Infinity EDC and TMS function complementing each other, EDC terminal to initiate and complete transactions, TMC to manage and issue such terminals.

NFC Cards / TAGS + CMS

NFC Cards/ Tags act as alternative transaction channels while CMS is used to manage such cards.

Minerva Loan System

Minerva SecureLend is a state of the art fintech lending solution that solves the most pressing issues for lenders: Underwriting risk, Collection costs.

Rosebay HR and Payroll

Rosebay HR and Payroll system as its name suggest is a complete 4-in-1 system: HR, Payroll, Wallet and Lending.