Our Vision for Blockchain and DLT Systems

We consider blockchain and consensus driven data technologies as foundational innovations which will play a central role in future of data governance - a key theme that will change the way we work and live over the next generation. Just as freedom and and rule of law defined some of the core achievements of of the pervious three centuries, we believe conensus driven data and IT technologies will play a key role in shaping the rule of law in the cyber realm over the next generation. Rosebay will invest heavily in distributed consensus driven technologies to ensure a fairer and more equitable world.

Scalability in Blockchain and DLT systems

Data and Access Governance

Blockchain security application

Entreprise application development

Open source security

Our Vision for AI and Big Data

AI and machine learning have the potential to radically change the way we work and live. Rosebay is focused to provide finance, retail and logistics industry with the means and tools to radically improve their businesses, make their operations more efficient, and assist them in managing risk using data (i.e evidence) driven techniques.

Artificial intelligence in credit industry

Business growth, risk management and operations optimization for credit vertical. Credit modeling and use of alternative data to augment credit prediction.

Application of AI for realtime fraud detection

Use of machine learning and probabilistic graphical models and techniques for real time fraud detection.

Structural plasticity in machine learning systems

Research into next generation AI techniques.

Development of NLP techniques for Indonesian Bahasa

Probabilistic and machine learning techniques for NLP in Indonesian language.

DB Marketing techniques using AI and Big Data

Cross selling and up-selling using transaction and alternative data.

Logistics operation optimization using AI

End to end logistics optimization using heuristic techniques

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Vehicle Routing Problem

White Paper 2

Address Verification