Food security with Rosebay Harvest

Rosebay Harvest gives complete capability for agricultural companies to build and sustain an agricultural brand built on a consistent quality system. It provides farm owners with application and software for farm management. This serves as the ledger for cultivation and production in our platform.

Rosebay Harvest offered two platforms:

1. Web application which had features such as:
        View detailed farm information
        Stage of crop production
        Current status
        Yield prediction

2. Mobile Application which had features such as:

        Field preparation
        Crop monitoring

Meta Data of Rosebay Harvest was stored in Blockchain.

Furthermore, Rosebay Harvest offfers:

1. Convenience: Track farms, devices, number of plants, area of cultivation and much more all under one simple platform.

2. Descriptive Approach: Provides detailed information about the farmers or workers employed, their contact information.

3. Informative Approach: Sends alerts and notifications to ensure all important deficiencies (plant treatment or nutrient) are taken care of.

4. Real-time update: Information collected by field agents and officers can provide real-time actionable agri intelligence.