Data driven business transformation

At the core of data driven business transformation is the need to make business decisions based on real evidence - that is with the help of data. While the business need has always been there, what has changed in the past few years that makes data led business transformation an existential business necessity and some very fundamental demand and supply side changes.

These include:

Intense competition and demand to offer better customer experience

Increase in volume, variety and velocity of data due to greater connectivity as well as new digital channels.

Decrease in cost of BigData and machine learning infrastructure and processing which makes it possible for organizations to capture high business value from data at a low cost.

Data Driven Transformation provides you end-to-end complete business and technology services to help transform your business into a data driven organization.

Data Strategy Consulting

The first step is to properly understand the scope and requirements of the project. The objective of consulting and business analysis phase is three fold:

1. To properly define the scope of the project in a manner that satisfies the requirements and expectations of the customer.

2. To combine our knowledge of data driven technologies with the constraints and requirements of the customer in order to determine the best cost-to-benefit solution which satisfies the requirements.

3. To build a proper project management and data execution framework which will ensure on-time and on-quality delivery to the customer.

Data Hub and Big data middleware setup

The objective of data driven business transformation is not only to curate data, but to deliver concrete business value. Rosebay needed to take stock of an expected 100TB of data from diverse sources of POS Indonesia such as IoT, OLTP systems as well as SNS and derive business value from this data.

Central to this task was establishment of proper infrastructure and middleware to enable BigData and Analytics unit to rapidly access and derive business value. What Rosebay achieved:

1. Design and implement a 10 node Hadoop cluster with 160TB capacity.

2. Design and Turnkey implementation of the complete BigData and analytics technology stack (all required middleware required to support HortonWorks distribution of Hadoop)

3. On-site BigData engineer and systems engineer to ensure complete system support.

Data analysis for business growth, risk management and operations optimization

Upon establishment of a proper service oriented client-vendor processes, the BigData and analytics unit was ready with the assistance of Rosebay to solve concrete business problems for each client department.

Sample of problems solved by Rosebay include:
1. Business Growth
      Identification of location for commencement of international remittance services
      Establishment of address verification system as a service with machine learning based address matching and validation services.
2. Optimization
      Staff scheduling to better match walk-in customer demand.
      Optimize routes of O-ranger crowd based pickup and delivery service
3. Managing business risk
      Service volume prediction of new locations prior to opening new service counters
      E-commerce demand prediction and its alignment with courier capacity

Business Intelligence and Reporting

Our deliverables includes:

1. Dashboards for each department depending on identified use cases
      Risk and Judgement
      Credit card operations
      Hire Purchase operations
      Car financing operations
      Senior Management
      Corporate planning

2. Proper authorization controls to ensure that only the authorized individuals have access to view reports.

3. Integration of Power BI to both Data Warehouse and Data analytics platforms.

Data Driven Business Transformation in short

Data strategy consulting
Datawarehouse and Business Intelligence